"Art Embroidery"
(Andre Deutsch),
"Broderie d'Art"
(Ulisses Editions).

This book is no longer available in English but the French edition can still be ordered via sites like amazon

"les paysages rebrodés"/"embroidered landscapes"

publié par
les éditions de saxe ISBN No 2-84439-242-3 en 2004

in French and English

Liz is a practising creative embroidery artist who exhibits internationally and whose work is in private collections in France, England, America,Sweden and Switzerland. She has had work published in magazines and books in both England and France and has written two books.

She regards her art as first and foremost a means of expressing her interests in natural forms and finds the rhythm and pace of working in fabric, thread and paint an ideal medium for this expression. Liz mostly uses her local environment in rural Provence and her garden for her subjects, Her various visits to teach in Australia have added a huge wealth of landscapes to embroider.

Liz's teaches her 1 and 2 day courses at home and at different venues and which are based on her methods of working which incorporate spray or hand painting, collage of small pieces of fabric, hand and machine embroidery.

Contact : liz maidment

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